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capito at a glance

capito is Italian and means:
"I got it, understood."

Our mission

We want everyone to be able to say:
"I got it, understood".

But that's not the case yet.
Important information is often difficult to understand.

People are also excluded,
if they can't get into a building.
For example, wheelchair users
are being excluded
when the entrance to a building has steps.

We work towards a society,
in which no one is excluded.

We want accessibility for all.


capito is a social franchise network.
It consists of independent partners
at various locations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

capito partners use the experience and knowledge of the network.
But they are also working themselves
to ensure that this knowledge becomes even greater.

The quality of their work
is also important to the capito partners.
They work according to the to ideas
of the company atempo.


capito is a social franchise network with independent partners.

The word franchise means that customers receive the same products and services from all network partners.
And you can be sure that the products and services are equally good with all partners.

Social franchise means: franchise in the social sector. The more partners atempo has, the more people can use capito products and services.

capito is available at 20 locations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Setting a good example

For us at capito it is very important
that we provide jobs for people with learning difficulties
and disabilities.
Every customer contributes to this through his or her order,
to keep these jobs.


In the capito Academy, the capito partners offer a wide range of events on the topics of "easily comprehensible communication" and "accessibility" in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Why capito?

60 % of the German population understands information up to language level B1. But only 7% master C1 or C2. And yet 68% of company and government information is offered in C1.
Language that is easy to understand helps here - and at the same time offers an additional benefit for all those who learn German as a second or third language.

95 %

Text competence

75 %

Web and IT development

98 %

Target group orientation

100 %