How are your offers perceived?

We conduct surveys under the nueva brand.

What is special about it:
People with disabilities carry out the surveys and evaluate the answers.

nueva online

nueva develops an easy-to-read questionnaire that works on the Internet.

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We question users how they experience quality.

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nueva partnership

nueva partners create jobs for people with disabilities.

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What is nueva?

nueva is a German abbreviation for "Nutzer evaluieren".
It means:
Users evaluate.

nueva reviews offers for people with disabilities.
Such a review is called evaluation.

An evaluation is a check,
whether someone has reached a certain goal.

What is special about nueva is
that people with learning difficulties and disabilities
do this evaluation.

The nueva employees do interviews
with persons with disabilities
who use these services.

They also take a close look at the offers.

They review:

  • Job offers
  • Residential offers and
  • Employment opportunities.

That has a big advantage:

You can find out directly from the users
how good these offers are.

nueva at a glance

What can nueva be used for?

nueva can be used wherever one wants to learn more about the opinion of users on the quality of a service. For example in job, housing or care offers for people with learning difficulties and disabilities, for senior citizens and also for children and adolescents.

nueva was initially developed for a field that is considered difficult to assess, describe or compare: residential care for people with learning difficulties and multiple disabilities. Building on this, further instrument sets have now been developed, tested and applied in practice for various areas and target groups.

How nueva is organised

The nueva concept was developed over 10 years ago,
founded by the Verein atempo in Graz.
nueva is a social franchise network
with independent partners.

It is very important to us at nueva,
that we create jobs
for people with learning difficulties and disabilities.
Every customer helps with his or her orders
that these jobs exist.

Our Network

nueva is a social franchise network.
It consists of independent partners
at various locations in Austria and Germany.

nueva partners use
the experience and knowledge of the network.
But they are also working on it themselves
that this knowledge is getting bigger and bigger.

In addition, the quality of their work
is very important to the nueva partners.
They work according to the ideas of the company atempo.

nueva is available at 5 locations in Austria and Germany.

The online catalogue

The nueva offers are also available on the Internet.
There you can search for offers
for people with learning difficulties and disabilities.
You will find

  • assisted housing
  • supervised job offers
  • supervised employment offers

In total, nueva worked with 23,139 users from 2010 to 2017.

The nueva website presents 705 evaluated social services from Germany and Austria with their results.

In 2017, nueva implemented 157 evaluation projects for clients in Styria, Upper Austria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Saxony-Anhalt, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg.

nueva, the "user-controlled evaluation", has been in practical use since 2004.
Initially developed for all types of housing for people with disabilities, nueva has also been tested and proven in the evaluation of training courses and workshops.
In addition, the nueva method has also been further developed for the elderly as well as for children and young people and can also be used for "tailor-made" evaluation projects in other areas.

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