capito sales-partnership

You acquire and sell capito products and services - the orders are processed by capito partners who are competent in this field. Your sales commission amounts to 40% of the turnover.

Our offer

  1. All capito services and products in your portfolio:
  • capito App and capito API-service
  • Simplification and translation of texts in different language levels and languages
  • Graphic design of print and digital products
  • Consulting and analyses for the accessibility of documents, websites, buildings, social spaces, ...
  • Lectures, workshops and courses for accessibility

2. A network of 300 experts for the handling of assignments.

3. Training, exchange and further education in the capito network.

4. Research and further development of our products and services.
5. Various services for quality assurance, CRM, marketing and sales.

The framework

  1. You acquire, sell and maintain sales contact with customers - the processing of orders is carried out by capito partners who are competent in this area.
  2. No territorial restrictions: Use your networks and contacts regardless of geographical borders.
  3. The coordination of acquisition and customer contacts takes place via capito's CRM tool.
  4. You are a self-employed entrepreneur.

Your investment

Once for the entry:

  • Entrance fee including training, lump sum: 10.000,00 €
  • Starter package marketing and sales materials: 800,00 €
  • Introductory offer: Starter package free of charge: -800,00 €
  • Total investment for entry: 10.000,00 €


  • Coaching as required in 15 minute units at 25,00 € each
  • License fee including marketing fee per year (400 € per month): 4.800,00 €.
  • Introductory offer: Reduction of the license fee for 2019 by 80%: -3,840.00 €.
  • Marketing and sales materials as required, approx. 300.00 € per year
  • Travel and accommodation expenses for networking and further training activities, approx.: 1,200.00 €.
  • Annual investment for sales partnership: € 2,485.00

Your turnover - your profit

Your sales commission is 40% of the turnover of a project. For an annual net profit of 68,000 € after tax and deduction of your social security contributions, your sales target is approximately 300,000 €. An average capito order (text simplification and technical implementation via app) amounts to around 10,000 € in the first year and 1,000 euros in follow-up income (maintenance, view metrics, ...).

Interested? We will be happy to consult you: