How is the quality of your offers experienced?

nueva assesses and describes the quality of services for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. What counts is the quality as it actually reaches the users and is perceived by them.

What is special about nueva are the evaluators. They themselves are representatives of their peer group, people with learning difficulties and disabilities. They also use different social services themselves. However, their suitability for the role of evaluator is not only based on their peer role, but also on their 2-year training.

Step by step towards higher quality

A nueva evaluation goes through several steps:

  1. nueva quality circle
  • Two to four-day workshop with management, staff and users
  • Adaptation of survey instruments to regional conditions
  • Definition of target standards in equal teams (users and employees)
  1. Users carry out the survey
  • Conduct of the survey / observation of users
  • Collection of framework and structural data
  • Enter the data into the nueva database and evaluate it
  1. Presentation and interpretation of the results of the survey
  • Discussion of the results with specialist staff and users
  • Preparation of quality profiles, analysis of detailed and special evaluations
  • Generation of comparative data (benchmarking - internal and external)
  • Recognition and use of action levels and play areas

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