capito App

Understanding with a swipe

The capito App offers your clients easy-to-read information, adjustable in different language levels - starting with the still challenging B1 up to the very easy to understand language level A1.

It is very easy to get the accessible information directly on the smartphone. After downloading the app from the app store, the customer scans the capito QR code on the original documet, chooses the preferred language level - and there it is: the easy-to-read translation, directly on the smartphone.

The capito app can be used for a wide range of texts: from official letters or invoices from an electricity provider, for example, to manuals, package inserts and safety instructions, right through to information of varying density and complexity, such as accompanying information in the cultural sector. Of course, images, audio files or videos can also be integrated.

The capito App is available for free on Google Play and in your App Store.

The development of the capito App was supported by aws kreativwirtschaft and the ministry for science, research and economy.