Right to Connect Now: First research results on digital inclusion

For years, we at atempo have been advocating for more active participation of people with learning difficulties in the digital world.
Through the Erasmus Plus project RTCN "Right To Connect Now", we are conducting research together with 9 organizations from 7 different European countries.

In the RTCN project, we work theoretically and practically.
Firstly, a comprehensive literature review on the topic of "people with learning difficulties and digital competencies" was developed.
Secondly, we conducted a quantitative, anonymous survey on digital inclusion with people with learning difficulties in 5 European countries.

The results of this survey and the literature review can now be read in English on the project's website.

In practical work, we are also co-creating a barrier-free e-learning platform.
People with learning difficulties create content on digital topics in co-creation workshops, which will be published on the e-learning platform at the end of the project.

We believe that by exploring these topics, we can improve the general participation of people with learning difficulties, both in the digital world and offline.

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Here you can learn more about the project and read the current research results in English:

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