EU Projects

atempo is involved in several EU projects and cooperates with numerous partners in other European countries.
Common to all projects is the commitment to an inclusive and barrier-free society.

Me and Your Stories

The project "Me and Your Stories" (short "MYS") is about storytelling methods for pupils. With the support of various online tools, telling one's own story is made easier, the interest of others is awakened, and the exchange of perspectives is encouraged.

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Me and the Media

The project "Me and the Media" (short "MeMe") promotes the skills of young people with disabilities in dealing with social media. It aims at the fairer and more diverse presentation of people with disabilities on Facebook, Instagram & Co.

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Strategies for Teaching in a Digital Era

The STDE project combines digital teaching methods with profound pedagogical knowledge.

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The project aims to develop and implement innovative methods and practices to promote inclusive education.

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Go Europe+ 3.0

In "Go Europe + 3.0", participants are given the opportunity to acquire international experience relevant to their profession.

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Inclusive Education 2021

This EU project is about pedagogical innovation and organisational resilience.

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