Me and the Media (MeMe)

An Erasmus+ Project

Projektnr.: 2019-1-LT01-KA204-060697

Laufzeit: 24 Monate (1.Oktober 2019 - 30. September 2021)

Erasmus+ KA2 project "Me and the Media: Fostering Social Media Literacy Competences through Interactive Learning Sets for Adults with Disabilities"

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Project goals

To improve the digital media competence of young adults with disabilities through interactive learning settings in order to actively and constructively contribute to a fairer and more diverse representation of disability in social media.

To fill the gaps in the preparation/training of certified social workers and pedagogues of disability work in order to better support young people with disabilities in their handling of digital (and social) media.

Against discrimination and cyber-mobbing

The project brought together seven organisations from Austria, Italy, Lithuania and Portugal, which over the next 24 months will take a close look at the possibilities, usage behaviour and self-expression (presentation) of people with disabilities in social media and improve it where necessary.

The project focuses on social media skills directly related to young adults with disabilities to achieve greater social inclusion and good representation on social media - and to better fight discrimination, exclusion and cyberbullying.

Guidelines, toolbox and mobile game

The work of the project partners is based on a study that deals in detail with stereotypes and examines how they arise and develop as a result of the democratisation of digital media.

Based on this know-how, young adults with disabilities in Lithuania, Italy, Portugal and Austria will be involved in the design and implementation of "Social Media Training Labs". "Social Media Training Labs" are physical places where peer groups of people with disabilities meet and discuss their social media consumption and participation in social networks.

MeMe Guidelines" and a "MeMe Toolbox" will also be created. Here, again, the focus is on the involvement of young people with disabilities, so that guidelines and toolbox will be developed together with them in a co-creation process. A learning program for pedagogues, certified social workers and assistants in disability work completes this project.

And, in addition to all the products already mentioned, a mobile phone game will be created, which will specifically encourage adults to learn interactively.


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