atempo Bildung

atempo Bildung (education) helps with the transition from school to job

Professional qualification

We support learning: individually and digitally.

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How new technologies are changing learning and teaching.

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atempo Bildung

We support young people
with and without learning difficulties and disabilities.

What we do

Bildung is an atempo service.
atempo supports young people
with and without learning difficulties and disabilities.
With this support, these young people
should be able to work in a profession more easily.
We make them ready to work on a computer or in catering.

For many years we have been working
with people with learning difficulties and disabilities.
That is why we know how important it is,
that everyone can learn at their own pace.
And we also know,
that good guidance facilitates the entry into professional life.

With this knowledge we can support young people
on their way into professional life.

Young people can take individual courses with us
or many courses in a row.

atempo Bildung (education) is supportet by the Sozialministeriumservice
and the Land Steiermark.

Course offer

Modules and courses

In atempo Bildung you can learn a lot for work but also for leisure.
The courses are very interesting and fun!

These are examples of modules:

  • Handling money
  • Time management
  • Communication and conflict management
  • Labour law
  • Fundamentals of political education
  • English
  • Office communication
  • Accounting
  • Presentation
  • PC Start
  • Preparing for the ICDL
  • Image processing on the PC
  • Application training
Professional qualification

With atempo Bildung you can learn
many interesting and useful things.
For example, you can learn how to work in an office.
or how to work in catering.
But you also learn a lot for your whole live.

You always learn in small groups.
This way every participant is well looked after.
This way you can find new friends very quickly.

You will be accompanied throughout the entire course:
by your personal job coach and a trainer.
Together you create a plan for your working life
and discuss what your future job should look like.

Computer Driving Licence

You can prepare for the European Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) with atempo Bildung.
This will give you a better chance of getting a job.

Our trainings take place in small groups. As support, we use a learning programme that allows participants to learn at their own pace. Learning content can be repeated as often as necessary.

We make it easy to get started on the computer with a special learning program. You will learn to write simple texts and surf the Internet. There is also an introduction to writing e-mails.

Working with the right tools

There are many tools that make our work easier or even possible in the first place.
It is very important to us that the workplace is optimally equipped.
If necessary we adjust the font and symbol sizes
and adjust the keyboard and mouse to your individual needs.

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