nueva goes online – be a part of it

nueva develops an online survey tool that transfers nueva know-how into the digital world.
We invite you: Become a pilot partner!

The initial situation

Receiving reliable data on the experienced quality of services from the perspective of clients and customers: this is the aim of every nueva survey.
To do this, nueva uses the peer-to-peer principle; the evaluators come to the respective service provider or customer and conduct personal interviews.
These interviews are based on nueva's proven know-how. The questionnaires are developed together with the customers and adapted to the respective questions and needs.

The advantage: The results provide very detailed and very authentic information about the subjective evaluation of the services.

The disadvantage: nueva surveys are time-consuming and costly. Short-term questions cannot be considered. In personal surveys, not all users can always be reached for scheduling reasons.

Conclusion: A nueva type of survey is needed that enables all users to express their opinions quickly, flexibly, simply and cost-effectively. Questions and survey results must be made available just as quickly, flexibly and easily.

The idea

nueva goes online! We combine nueva's years of experience with the latest digital developments. The well-tried nueva tools are transferred into an online survey tool.
A 100% barrier-free questionnaire is available online.
In addition, sign language videos and explanatory illustrations support the understanding of the questions and possible answers. This questionnaire can be answered on the desktop computer, the tablet/iPad or the smartphone. All clients can give their answers to a set of questions defined by the customer at any time. The results are available in real time.

The procedure

Step 1: Development of an online prototype that represents the essential functionality of the nueva online tool. Henceforth
Step 2: Test runs with the participating pilot partners, optimization and implementation, start July 2018
Step 3: Real operation: End of 2018

Your participation

We invite innovative service providers:
Become a pilot partner and help shape the new nueva Online Tool with your know-how and needs.

Your advantages

  • You introduce your requirements into the development process right from the start. This gives you an online solution that closely adapts to your individual needs.
  • You help shape the content of the online tool: from the choice of words and illustrations to the design and videos.
  • We thank you for your know-how and your time: You will receive an attractive price reduction in the first year of live operation.

Form of cooperation

  • Participation in the development meetings - on site, via Skype or video conference
  • € 1.500 to 1.900.- (depending on the length of the workshop on site (0,5 to 1 day), plus 20% VAT, plus travel costs for a desired meeting on site).

Further information and registration:

Mag. Martin Konrad
Tel. 0043 316 814716 33