Access to Leisure: We give an update on the project

Leisure activities of people with learning difficulties

People with learning difficulties continue to be marginalised in the leisure sector. To counteract this, ACCESS to Leisure training manuals and courses have been developed. We give an overview of what is currently happening!

Where are we?

In January 2023, the training for professionals took place in Budapest.

Professionals from the different countries (Hungary, Belgium, Slovenia, Finland, Austria) got inspired by each other's work.

We worked together for 5 days on different themes and explored how a professional

can be a leisure co-facilitator. For example the use of resources for leisure, the concept of befriending and working together with local informal supporters.

Differences and similarities were discussed. Tools to support persons with disabilities in choosing their own leisure activities were also examined. We worked and brainstormed a lot during the days and in the evenings we took time to discover the different cultures.

What's next?

 At the moment we are finalizing the first drafts of the manuals for professionals, local informal supporters and persons with learning disabilities. Atempo is organising the training for persons with learning disabilities in April in Graz. Participants will be those who aim to be 'leisure facilitators', helping both their learning disabled peers access leisure facilities as well as also the wider community. We are looking forward to a week full of cross national contacts, inspiration and learning opportunities.

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