Me and Your Stories (MYS)

An Erasmus+ project (2019-2022), Key Action 3, Social Inclusion and Common Values, Support for Policy Reforms

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This project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) and the European Commission.

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MYS-Toolbox – German

MYS-Toolbox – German - Austria

MYS-Toolbox – English

MYS-Toolbox – Romanian

MYS-Toolbox – Slovakian

MYS - simply explained

In a short and easy to understand video we explain - in English - what "Me and Your Stories" is all about and how to use the MYS Toolbox.

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You can find all information about the project here.

What is the project about?

Very different personalities meet in a school community.

Gender, origin, mother tongue, religion, culture, physical and intellectual abilities, social environment, family structures - all these different qualities and characteristics of young people create a small but very heterogeneous society.

Undiscovered stories

Practical experience in schools shows that students often do not really know each other well, even though they are in the same school or class. Beyond their own small group, students know little about their fellow students' hobbies, culture, values, interests and family life. Many stories remain undiscovered, unshared and hidden.

The project "Me and Your Stories (MYS)" wants to change that.

Diversity as an opportunity

MYS sees this diversity as an opportunity and understands it as a form of social treasure that must be raised together with those involved.

The central element of MYS is the concept of storytelling, where critical thinking and human rights education are further trendsetting aspects. With the support of various online tools, the telling of one's own story is facilitated, the interest of others is awakened, and the exchange of perspectives is encouraged.

The learning module

Therefore MYS develops the inclusive and multimedia learning module MYSunderstood. It offers multimedia tools, instructions and tutorials and turns storytelling, listening and exchanging into an exciting experience.

The focus is on "my view on your stories" or "your view on my story". So it's not only about listening, but also about telling and reflecting on the stories of others. Thus a possibility is created to put oneself in the shoes of one's counterpart, to understand one another, to respect one another and to meet each other on eye level.


  • reduces misunderstandings based on differences
  • supports social inclusion
  • strengthens shared values.
  • promotes individualised learning.

The learning module will be freely accessible in all partner languages on the RIX Wiki portal beyond the duration of the project.

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