Access to Leisure: We had Visitors in Graz

For our 2nd training week in the project "Access to Leisure" we met in Graz. This time we had the pleasure to welcome our European guests in our own house here at atempo. People with learning difficulties and their trainers from Hungary, Slovenia, Finland and Belgium came to visit us.

During the training week, the focus was on people with learning difficulties. Together with some of the trainers, they enjoyed a great week full of leisure activities.

We want to guide you through the week using the "Photovoice" method. The team from Belgium took photos throughout the week, and as we all know, pictures say more than 1000 words.

The team from Belgium enjoyed the delicious Austrian meals. Here is Martin & Serkan eating.

Time for a group photo at atempo.

We showed our visitors the Eggenberg Palace.

We went climbing with the Alpine Club. That was exciting and fun.

We also had a painting workshop with a painting therapist in Graz.

In the museum CoSa: Where did Wesley's body disappear to?

The visit to the museum CoSa of the Joanneum Graz was especially impressive.

Working together, sharing and getting to know all the other cultures better was great.

Next Stop: Ljubljana

The final week of training is coming up. We will head to Ljubljana, where the local informal supporters will take center stage. You'll read all about that in the next newsletter.


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