Access to Leisure: We went to Ljubljana

After the first training week, which was dedicated to professionals, and the second one, which focused on people with learning disabilities, it was now time for the third training week: we looked at how local informal supporters, or in other words volunteers, can support people with learning disabilities in organising their own leisure time.

Ljubljana was bathed in sunshine and was a fantastic host. 15 volunteers, from the 5 participating countries, immersed themselves in theory, fun practices and some fine tools. Of course, there was also time for relaxation, such as a visit to the Postojna caves and a guided walk through the beautiful city.

We would like to share some quotes of the participants with you

"I joined the training because I was interested in the new things I could learn in the topic and wanted to develop myself. I gained new knowledge, experience, practical skills and met wonderful people. My favourite day was Wednesday when we got a lot of useful theoretical and practical information about the basic concepts and principles. My favourites were the outdoor activities where we could get to know ourselves and each other better and when we learned about the work of local people with disabilities."

Csilla, Local Supporter from Hungary


"I enjoyed the training very much. I learned a lot, including many new expressions and concepts related to my occupation as a local informal supporter. The concept of Befriending was totally new to me, for example.
It helps me to understand my role much better and to be more conscious in my interactions with people with learning difficulties in this context."

Amina, Local Supporter from Austria

What’s next? Pilot Cycle!

Time to test our new skills!

Each country will now start the ’Pilot Cycle’ phase. It provides an opportunity for the training participants to deepen their relationship, strengthen their cooperation & try our new skills we learned at the 3 trainings. Professionals, people with learning dissabilities and volunteers will work together and organise different leisure time activities together, where we will invite 15 people to participate each time.
We can’t wait for the results!

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