Innovative learning with iPads and Tablets

iPads and tablets are radically changing the way we teach and learn. The technical possibilities of tablets and special apps provide new learning opportunities for all learners.

Our courses

A large number of suitable learning apps and the possibilities of tablets make it possible to better support learning. The motivation to learn increases - both during individual and joint learning. In addition, tablets can promote the development of creativity and self-expression. Learners with special needs can be better integrated.

Our pedagogical concept is based on the idea that learners are active, creative and responsible co-designers of their own learning process.

The course contents are adapted as far as possible to the individual needs of the course participant.

Overview course contents

  • Means and methods to activate learners
  • Personalized learning with tablets
  • The paperless classroom - virtual learning platforms for the 21st century.
  • Develop your own digital content - we are all producers and consumers at the same time.
  • Excursions to local educational institutions
  • Involvement of all learners - barrier-free accesses
  • Implementing and handling tablets
  • Tips and tricks for tablets
  • Easily create movies
  • Marketplace Apps - Exchange of experiences
  • Keeping times and places under control - self-organization with tablets
  • Education and ICT in Europe - learning from each other
  • European success stories

European orientation

The European orientation is an essential part of our courses. An international team of trainers and many opportunities to network and exchange experiences with colleagues from all over Europe make this course a very special experience.

The courses are organised by 5 European organisations:

  • atempo (Austria)
  • FAIDD (Finnland)
  • The Rix Centre (Great Britain)
  • UrAbility (Ireland)
  • ITA (Germany)

Target audience

Our courses are aimed at all teachers in schools and adult education institutions. They are also suitable for people who are professionally involved in training people with disabilities.

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