An emergency plan is good.

But how does everyone find the latest version, always and everywhere?

Sure, any emergency plan is better than not having a plan in place.
But how do I manage to provide all employees with the right instructions when the half-life of valid information is getting shorter and shorter? And what is the best information channel so that everyone can always access the current version of my emergency plan with the least possible effort?

Times of crisis need proven and simple solutions.

This applies first of all to the choice of the tool - i.e. the appropriate medium; and here the smartphone is undoubtedly superior to all the others: everyone has one, it is everywhere and everyone knows how to use it!

The emergency plan must be displayed on the Smartphone!

Great! hat just brings us to the next questions:

  • how does the plan get there?
  • how to find it there quickly?
  • how do I always get the current version?

The solution is waddle-simple, quick to implement and, in addition, barrier-free and multilingual.
It listens (attention: advertising!) to the name "capito App".

It is available for all end users to download free of charge from the App/Play-Store.
A QR code serves as a key for all employees who are to have access to the emergency plan.

One click, one scan and it is available on the smartphone. And it is individually adapted to the heterogeneous information needs of people.

Almost anything is possible:

  • in the native languages of the employees
  • on an easy language level for those who do not read German very well
  • a read aloud function for all who cannot see
  • a sign language video for all with hearing disabilities
  • as explanatory video for all those who prefer to learn from the moving image.

And all this is always guaranteed in the current and valid version.

Changes are only made in the content management system, so the capito app updates itself automatically. Nobody works according to the - outdated - rules of yesterday!

We probably won't get rid of Corona that quickly.
Our concern whether everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency is!

Stay healthy and take good care of yourself!

Der digitale Notfallplan

Einfach mit der capito App den nebenstehenden QR-Code scannen!

Zum Download der kostenlosen capito App

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