atempo Group

atempo includes several offers, areas and organisations. That is why we speak of the atempo group.

The following offers belong to the atempo group:

  • atempo Bildung (education) supports young people
    with learning difficulties and disabilities,
    to find a profession or an education.
    We make them ready for work on the computer or in gastronomy.
  • capito stands for easily understandable texts and barrier-free houses.
  • nueva conducts surveys of people with learning difficulties and disabilities in homes and workshops.
  • In the inclusive restaurant with the name "das Lorenz" we cook fresh every day.
  • ava is a homepage.
    On this homepage people, who look for assistance,
    and people, who offer assistance, find to each other.
    ava will be online starting from 17 January 2019.

An important part of the atempo group is the association "atempo zur Gleichstellung von Menschen". The association was founded in 2000 by Walburga Fröhlich and Klaus Candussi.
The association founded the non-profit atempo GmbH in 2005.
The non-profit atempo GmbH implements the offers "Bildung", "das Lorenz" and "capito" for the region of Styria (capito Graz).

With "capito" and "nueva" atempo has built up a social franchise network.
The company called CFS is responsible for atempo's social franchise network.
The company is called: CFS - Consulting, Franchise & Sales GmbH.
CFS also develops the homepage ava.

Altogether the atempo Group has around 80 employees.
Approximately 20 of those employees are people with learning difficulties and disabilities.