23. Apr 20


Corona - Darwin reloaded

In his blog, Klaus Candussi – as always lustfully polemical – reflects on the survival of the “fittest” companies in times of Corona.

Notfallplan auf einem Blatt Papier

31. Mar 20


Emergency plan

Sure, any emergency plan is better than not having a plan in place. But how do I manage to provide all employees with the right instructions when the half-life of valid information is getting shorter and shorter?

19. Sep 18


Enlightenment needs enlightenment

Klaus Candussi in the atempo blog: “Enlightenment needs enlighteners, who enlighten in a way that everybody can join in”.

Escort-Service for successful women

While Klaus Candussi accompanies his successful wife to an award ceremony, he makes some interesting experiences. And comes up with a few ideas …